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Documentetion from Final seminar for LIFE Coast Benefit May 14 to 16, 2019

Presentations during the final seminar:

1 . Introduction

Questions after introduction

3 Governor and Project management

4 Brighter forests LIFE Coast Benefit

5 Coastal Birds_LIFE Coast Benefit

6 Minkhunting

7 Wetlands and wet meadows

8 Ecosystem services

9 Pollinators Magnus Stenmark

Questions to Magnus Stenmark

10 Visitors experiences LIFE Coast Benefit

12 Socioeconomics LIFE Coast Benefit

13 Landowner Bjorko

14 Landowner Nynäs

15 Sara Cousins Lanscape and seed dipersal


Notes from field excursion to Eknön and Herrborum

Notes_exkursion Eknön and Herrborum_LCB